Pinnacle Plus Wealth Management believes the process of generating wealth begins as soon as your financial base is secured and income accelerates. The following strategies make up the core of wealth creation:

Retirement, Education and Other Accumulation Needs Analysis – Project the amount of money you need at retirement, for education, and any other accumulation goals. Find the annual savings required to meet those objectives.

Asset Allocation – Create an investment policy statement that details your investment portfolio design, balanced with the returns desired and the amount of risk you are willing to withstand.

Tax Management – Analyze strategies to help minimize taxes, including the use of an appropriate tax-advantaged retirement plan and tax-efficient investing.

Pinnacle Plus Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor firm in the State of Kansas.

** Pinnacle Plus Wealth Management and Pinnacle Plus Financial are two separate entities, operating independently from each other. Clients of Pinnacle Plus Wealth Management are not necessarily clients of Pinnacle Plus Financial, and the reverse is also true. Asset Management, Financial Planning, and Advisory Services are offered through Pinnacle Plus Wealth Management.  Various insurance company-related products are offered through Pinnacle Plus Financial.

For more information about Pinnacle Plus Wealth Management, please contact Jessica Jarquio at or by phone at (913) 333-3031.