Britney Glass

Medicare Advisor

Britney joined the Senior Plus Advisors team in February 2018 as a Medicare Advisor. Prior to being in the insurance industry, she helped manage a high-end retail store on the County Club Plaza. She first got into the insurance business in August of 2015 and is licensed throughout the United States with her Health and Life license.  Britney cannot wait to put her previous knowledge to the test in helping clients select the right insurance for their wants and needs.

Britney was born and raised in the Kansas City area. When Britney is not at work, she loves to travel as much as she can. She has a one-year old Golden Retriever, Kai, and he takes up most of her time. His name is derived from the Hawaiian word for “Ocean”, which is symbolic to her as it is her favorite place to be. Some would say he is the most spoiled dog they have ever met, but she likes to say he is just loved to the fullest. When not with her dog, you can find her enjoying a good meal with her family, playing volleyball, or ready for any adventure life throws her way.